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About the Artist Beverly Sorrell


Beverly Sorrell was born in Raleigh, North Carolina.  She currently resides only a few miles from the home in which she grew up with both her Mother and Daddy and two sisters, Teresa and Stephanie. 

Although Beverly is a self-taught artist, she credits her Mother for passing down natural artistic abilities.  She especially loves beautiful flowers and is known for adding inspiring verses in calligraphy to her work.  She has also authored many poems to express words that others might consider hard to find.      

In 2005, Beverly celebrated 20 years in business as President of Beverly’s Gallery of Gifts.  The company manufactures framed prints taken from Beverly’s artwork.  Her prints feature a combination of calligraphy, watercolors and acrylics and are sold in stores throughout the US and abroad. 

Beverly considers herself “blessed beyond belief” that the simple desire to earn spending money as a teenager, would turn into a successful lifelong career.  She is excited to share her gift by also licensing her artwork to other companies.  Her hope is…that by seeing her work…it will bring happiness to the hearts of others.

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"Never Ending Love""Beautiful Brook""Grandma's Angel""Mommy's Little Princess"

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